Friday, 16 December 2011

a little talks

Thank God I have two great people that always stay beside me. They always take care for me. Yep, they're my parents. Parents. If we talk about parents, we surely can't count what they have done for us. From we were born, until now. They give their all for us. Just to make us happy. Though sometimes it makes us upset, it's just for your goodness. They just wanna make you happy. Trust me. So, don't you dare scold them or even say 'ah!'. One of my teacher told me: "if you wanna be a successful person, be a medicine for your parents, esp your mum". Haaaaa there are a lot of things that I really want to share to you but I have to go off. Thank you for reading and.............happy holiday! :B

Be nice to your parents!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Good morning! How are you? I hope you are fine as fine as me. Today is October 15th!!!!! It's mean today is..............Mesut Özil's birthday! Whoa! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Mesut!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you all the best. Keep charming!

my boy, Mesut Özil


Hey, I feel sooo happy because last day, I went to 85 JHS, where I had spent my 3 years to study there on junior high. I met lots of friends that I miss so much. I was so pleasure. They are all great friends. Ah, I want them all to be my schoolmates like on junior high :" I wanna thank them all for what they have gave to me. For the memories, for the love, for the archness, for the giggles, even tears.. How lucky I am to have great friends like you, guys! I love you all.


Friday, 23 September 2011

Turning to 15

(picture belongs to


The Lord still believes me to stay in this world.

The Lord still believes me to do all my best.

The Lord still gives me a chance to be a better person.

The Lord still gives me a chance to fix up my worship.

The Lord still gives me a chance to do a-z in this world. Thank God.


the birthday girl,

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Happy Eid Mubarak 1432 H

Salut! Comment allez-vous? *well, I'm learning to speaking in French-_-* Guess what, guys............. Ramadhan is over!!!!!!!!!! Happy Eid! I can't describe how the time goes this fast. On one side I feel so excited because tomorrow is Lebaran day but in the other side I feel so sad too because I dn't have to fasting everyday anymore and it make me feels like...umm...something's missing, dude. Lebaran is one of the day that I always wait for each year. I can meet the whole family and having fun together. Biasanya ya, kalo Idul Fitri itu bangun lebih pagi soalnya mau keramas, trus sholat Id, trus salam-salaman sama semua keluarga, siap-siap sambil nungguin tamu dateng, udah deh makan sepuasnya hehehehehe

Minal aidin wal faidzin, please forgive all of my mistakes that I have made... Once again, happy Eid Mubarak 1432 H! :D

Have a great Lebaran day!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hi, buddy! Today is............................................. August 23rd, right? It means it's H-30 my birthday and H-1 mudikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk -_- well, this post isn't important AT ALL. Thank you for reading this lol. Bye.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Great day!

Assalamu'alaikum.. Hey, wht's up, guys? I'm sorry I've been veryveryvery busy with all of schools' stuffs and guess what...? HOLIDAY IS COMIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gah. I feel so happy today bcause today was the last school day *before Ied's holiday* and I had met some of NueveSeis' member for the break fasting-event. I MISS 'EM SO MUCH! esp. the girls.
Thank you so much, guys for today. Today was great!

Btw, there's another reason that make me so glad today. I'm home!!!!!!! Feels so good to be home. Alhamdulillah. ThankGod.


Saturday, 23 July 2011

Meaningful and Powerful Words

I'm so glad that I can back home though it just for 2 days. AH how I miss my home!!!!!! And family of course:))))) Well, I arrived last night and....I'll tell you what happened. Yap. So, I took bus to Blok M. My dad has been waiting for me there. But............................I stucked at Kuningan. I do hate traffic jam!!!!!!!!!!! I spent more than 3 hours there..-_- what a boring moment, ryte? Well, let's skip that part... I got Blok M at almost 8 pm and met my dad:) Then, we went in the car and we had a chit-chat 'bout my experince. Suddenly, my dad said that I wasn't supposed to be sad when I know that I ain't accepted to be MAN Insan Cendikia's student (the result was been informed on May 25th), I don't have to regret what has hapened because it's all planned by Allah and we have to know that Allah knows what is the best for us...
Those words are so meaningful for me.
Those words give me courage to face all problems that will come to me.
Thank you so much, Dad! You have made my heart peaceful. I'll always remember those words, which make me so powerful. I promise to myself that I have to study hard from the beginning. Where's a will, there's a way. :D

wish me luck, guys! :)

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Have you ever met a guy that you have known each other before and she/he just go by and didn't greet you..? How do you feel and what would you do..?

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Bismillah. Doakan aku sehat selalu, tambah rajin belajar, tambah sadar kalo udah sma, tambah sabar, tambah berani, dan tambah yg baik2nya. Terima kasih. :)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Good evening, bloggers! I wanna share a big news for ya. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. I'm accepted to be one of 8 shs' student!!!! Whoaaaaaaaaaa. I'm superdupertriplely happy! Muchas gracias for ur prayers and support for me. I'm very grateful. Now, I wish I can study there well and chase my dream. Amin. Thank you, guyssssssss!!!! :D

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Bonjour!! Happy Tuesday semuaaaaaaaa! Hehe pagi-pagi udah blogging soalnya pengen cerita ttg sesuatu. Wht's dat? Yap, sesuai dengan judul, hari ini mau cerita ttg Nenegers. Awal mulanya terbentuk Nenegers itu pas gue dan Ilfa ngeliat anak kls 6 SD yang amat-sangat petakilan di maestro. Sebenernya, nama asli anak itutuh Jem*** (sensor yaaa). Tapi, karena beberapa hal, gue sama Ilfa nyebut dia Neneg. Dan.....................kita terpesona bgt sama "petakilannya" dia wkwk yaudahdeh kita jd fansnya dia gt yg kita sebut Nenegers. Hehe. Day by day, Herlin masuk jadi anggota Nenegers. Kita bertiga tuh jadi ketularan autisnya Neneg taugak wkwk tapitapitapi kita kan sekarang udah ngga maes lagi, jadi, gapernah ketemu Neneg lagi:( hah. Kita bertiga waktu itu pernah iseng-iseng ngobrol ttg Neneg, trs tbtb bayangin, kira2 dia masuk SMP mana ya......wkwk mudah2an yang terbaiklah hahahah udah ya, pokoknya hidup Neneg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHE

Keep Nenegers \m/

Monday, 6 June 2011

Hey, ppl!!!!!!!!! Nowadays, I'm really really happy. Why?? Because of my 'nem'. Alhamdulillah bangettttt. I'm very thankful to Allah for that. And, I feel so happy too bcause of finally I can make my parents feel so pleasure for my score :') all I wanna say here is, thank you so much, guys for all of ur prayers and supports for me.

Vielen dank,

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Odi!

Hellooooooo!! I'd like to say happy Tuesday to you guys! Have a great day! :) Ah, today's 31st of May, ryte??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROSDIANA TRIAYU!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's my closefriend. We hv known each other since we were on the grade 7 in jhs. Day by day, we're just gettin' closer and closer. I tell a lot of my strories to her. She's a really-really good listener. We chit-chat together, hv a lot of fun together, gettin' insane together *lol, and many more. Once more, happy birthday, Odiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Have a great one, Ich liebe dich <3 mwah!

Monday, 30 May 2011

Emm well, hey, guys! It's Monday! Whoa time really goes so fast, didn't it? Nowadays, I hear Nick Jonas' Introducing Me a lot. I think that's such a cool song. I like This Is Our Song too. It's sweet and it reminds 'bout my friendly-friends of mine. Nah, I miss 'em again and again.

"...this is our song, that's all that matters, cause we all belong, right here together, there's nothing better, than singing along, this is our summer, this is our song..."

Saturday, 28 May 2011

The awkward moment

Hi everybodeeeh! I just did my test today. Finally, I have done all of the tests at smandel. Whoa. I hope I can be accepted there. Amin.
Btw, I met someone I hv known bfore there. He was my schoolmate when I was still at elementary school. We have lost contact since 3 years ago and just met there........... Hmmm you guys can imagine that that's an awkward moment, ryte? I was...speechless and didn't know what I have to do. Lol.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Guess wht, bloggers? I'm so haaaappppyyyy today!!!! Lolos tes TPA SMAN 8!!! Alhamdulillah... Makasih bgt, yaAllah... Mudah2an tes-tes selanjutnya lolos dan bener2 keterima di sana. AMIN! Lega bgt rasanya, bisa lewatin satu tahapan. :) Doakan aku, kawannnnn!!!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

More than just classmates

Hi, ppl. Mau cerita nih. Udah lama kan ya ga ceritaceriti. Hm mau ngebahas NueveSeis nih....
Well, skrg udah tanggal 12 Mei. Udah lama bgt ga ke sekolah (belajar efektif). Perasaannya gimana ya.... Sedikit lega+seneng sih iya, soalnya kan udah work out bgt buat un, dan skrg bisa sedikit santai. Tapi ternyata ga selamanya enak. Ngga masuk sekolah malah bikin tmbh gendut (kalo gue) dan tentunya bikin kangen temen2 bgtttttt!!!! Kangen NueveSeis bgt. Kgn semua.

Dari mulai Alda, si K-POPers sejati; Siva, besties yg selalu asik buat ngobrol ttg ftv HEHE; Dina, si lugu nan imut yg sering gue kerjain; Sirih a.k.a Sarah si babycamel sekaligus my grngmate; Ferin, si rajin yg setiap pagi-setelah malemnya Real Madrid tanding-selalu gue ajak bahas tuntass; Audi, si Minho's yg selalu curhat tentang G-6 pujaan hatinya wkwk; Dicky, si Milanisti yg kdg bacot; Beo, si aneh dari luar angkasa yg selalu dicak-in sama anak-anak sekelas; Adit, si Madridista jg yg gapernah menerima kenyataan kalo Özil emang kerenbgttt; Bombak, si bacot yang selalu bacot ttg Tottenham Hotspurs dan Inter Milan; Ayam a.k.a Rahdian, si pendukung Red Devils; Toni, si Cules yg selalu marah kl dikatain pesek pdhl menurut gue dia gaterlalu pesek; sampe Rini & Balqis, si rekan Trio Cincau gue yg bisa banget bikin gue ngakak kalo abis nangis. {Rini rekan Madridista gue jg, dan setiap hari adu bacot ttg mana yg paling keren antara Özil dan Suarez. Jelas Özil kemana-mana lah yaaaaa hehe ;P}
*sigh* kalo inget itu semua emang jadi pengen masuk sekolah lagi....

Sedih banget ya. Tinggal itung hari aja kita udah pisah. Mencar-mencar. Belum tentu nanti di sma bisa ketemu sahabat-sahabat yang luar biasa kayak mereka. Yang bisa bikin cemberut, nangis, nyengir, ketawa, di waktu yang sama.

Jadi inget waktu itu, hp gue diumpetin sama Ari. Dia bersekongkol sama Dicky dkk. Gue tanya2in satu-satu pada ngga mau ngaku. Saking desparate-nya gue duduk, tangan di atas meja, nunduk buat nutupin muka, trus nangis. Tadinya, emang nangis beneran, garagara kesel. Tapi akhirnya gue bangun trs ketawa sambil ngapus air mata. Dan abis itu gue bener-bener dibuat ngakak sama aksi Toni yang sok-sok belaga Ariel Peterpan.

Jadi inget juga pas hari Selasa, tanggal 15 Februari 2011. NueveSeis goes to Puncak. Kita semua photoshoot buat album kenangan angkatan. Hari itu emg jadi hari kita banget. Bercanda dari mulai ngumpul di sekolah pagi-pagi, bercanda di bus, di Taman Bunga, Puncak, sampe kita balik lagi ke sekolah. Dan...............besoknya dari 40 orang, yang masuk sekolah cuma 21 orang!!!!!!!!! Kurang hebat apa coba mereka^^ Gue masuk jg lohhh wkwk

Hm..... Kalo diinget-inget terus emang banyak bgt yg gabisa dilupain dari mereka. Seneng bareng, sedih bareng. Mudah2an nanti kita keep contact dan tetep kompak juga.

Good friends are like stars, though I don't see them,

they are always in my heart

I love you all, guys♡♥

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sunday, 8 May 2011

I'm Madridista

I love watchin' Real Madrid's match.
I love it when CR7, Benzema, Higuain, or the others scoring.
I love it when Iker Casillas save the wicket.
I love the crowd on the Bernabeu.
I love everything about Real Madrid.


Bye for now,
Muchos gracias!!!


Hey, guys. Whoaaaaa I miss my blog.
But........I feel so lazy to posting sumthing here. Literally, I spend my time on tumblr.
Btw, I can't be "free" just bcause I hv faced the national exam, there's still one test, for senior high school.
I hope I can continue my study in a school that my mum&dad and I want to.
Wish me the best, bloggersss! ♥

Friday, 11 February 2011

Hellow yellow! Long time no blogging. I've been superduperly busy with the school's stuff.
Hm mulai darimana ya. Jadijadijadi, sekarang udah bulang Feb, it means the national exam is getting closer, so, I hv to work out for it. Wish me luck, guys! Mm trus ya, masa gue skrg lagi addict banget sama Mesut Özil. Saking sering cerita ke temen2 di kelas, masa gue sering dipanggil Özil's. Ah emang ya.....gantengbgt sih dia wkwk^^
Mau cerita apalagi ya.. Sebenernya banyak sih ceritaceriti yg mau ditulis di sini, tapi....capek HAHA #abaikan. Yaudah deh segitu aja ya. Papayyyyy :3

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Back to daily routines

It's been a week since my holiday was over. Jadi, balik lagi ke rutinitas sebelumnya. Harus bangun lebih pagi, pulangnya lebih sore, karna les juga udah mulai lagi, tambah sibuk sama school's stuffs, dan............harus ngerelain tidur panjang di hari Sabtu pagi karna pm. GAH! But I'm veryvery pleasure to meet my friends at school. Umm there're good at making me laugh out load :D

Hmmm what do I wanna say? I'm confuse. Haha. Ignore this... -_-

Ah. Yes. I'm in grade ninth already. So, the national-examination will be coming. On April 25th. I must be ready for that. But it seems like I haven't been ready yet. Well, my dad&mum, sister&brother, teachers, and friends will help me to study harder for the national-examination. Wish me luck, bloggers!!!!!!! <3

Saturday, 1 January 2011


Glückliches Neues Jahr!!!

Ah, I can't believe it that 2011 is already here. Well, I have a lot of
wishes in 2011. And I hope they will come true :)

I wish 2011 is so much better than 2010. Amin.