Saturday, 6 October 2012

Something on 29th Sept

What's up on the end of September?????? Ha! I'll tell you guys now. Before that, let me ask for your apologize because of the late posting and kinda "basi". BUTTTT THIS IS ONE OF MY BEST DAY THIS YEAR!!! I SWEAR. I can't stop to thank God for giving this chance. So....what was up on September 29th????

That was "COLLABOREIGHT"!!!!!!!!! It was the closing of 8Schoolastic which was held on September 22nd-28th. C8 was sooooooooooooo extremely awesome! For those who didn't watch that, you must be regretful now. Lol just kidding :p But then, what am I doin' there? I slept. Of course not! I danced. Traditioal dance, for sure. With my fellow Tatra 2014 and of course my senior Tatra 2013, we devided into 7 groups to danced some traditional dances, such as Saman, Gending Seriwijaya, Betawi, Sunda Bali, Ambon, Sulawesi, and at last Kalimantan. I danced Saman and Kalimantan. And that was my first time dancing on the stage (not for a competition). And I'll tell you guys, dancing on the stage is indescribable addictive!!!!!!!! And thanks to C8, all of the actors&actresses, all of the musicians, all of other performers, all of the crews of C8, and espsecially Tatra 2013, and Tatra 2014 I had such a great time with them! C8 was superdupertriple amazing! I can't tell you specifically the event but, C8 was so flawless sometimes I wanna again >_<  One of my fellow Kalimantan, Arinta, said "Collaboreight 2012. Simply unforgettable". Here are some photos of that day... (I got these from my friend)

(the "Enggang" group, minus kak Puput)

(with others: Saman, Sulawesi, and Ambon)

 (Kalimantan in action!)

Well, I think I'm gonna end this post now because I have to go study for the mid-term test. OH YES! MID-TERM TEST IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish me bunches of luck guys! No more failure on the exact subjects. Amin.