Friday, 6 July 2012

The first year has passed!

Hi guys!!! It's been a quite long time to not post anything on this blog. I'm gonna tell you that......I have already got my report card. The result is disappointing but......I promise I'll study harder for my second year in high school. Alhamdulillah I get science class which I wanted since long time ago. Whoaa I can't believe that one year goes so increadibly fast (forgetting the pain of being a high school's student) I still remember one year ago, when I felt very happy, very amused to know that I was accepted in SMAN 8 Jakarta. But now, when I've already known how to survive in that school....I wanna vomit. Lol.
As I told you before, I've got science class for the next 2 years and hopefully I can study harder and better that will make my dreams come true in the future. :) Wish me tons of luck, guys!