Sunday, 12 August 2012


HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My school is off until 26th August and I'll go to my grandma's on this Tuesday by car. Can't wait!!!!!!!! This one will be a great trip :D

Sunday, 5 August 2012

What's up bro?!? Today is 5th August 2012. It means that today is the 17th Ramadhan. Whoaaaa Lebaran is getting closer!!!!!!!!!! Yeyy!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I still go to school until 10th August and will start. As usual, I'll go to my grandma's house to spend the holiday and have a gathering with the whole family. Yepp!!! That's the part that I love the most! 
Ah! Lately, I'm in love with Emdrew (Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield). I blame The Amazing Spiderman for that! Lol. They are really perfect together. I ship them hard!!! *stop this* 
The last but not least, I wanna greet my lil' cousin, Salis, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Keep being funny and cute. Ich liebe dich{{}} 
Well, I guess that was all that I wanna say. Happy fasting! :)