Monday, 16 April 2012

an awesome Monday

Hi people!!!!!! I just arrived at home after meeting my insane-girls lol. I'm serious. I mean, their craziness make me soooooo feel good and I miss them so much since I hvn't met them for more than 4 months. We were talking about our current life, we were playing together, eating together, even taking photos toghether. Here are some..

Well, I'm tired now. But I can't deny that today was extremely fun!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for today, DinaAldaUlfaSiva

Friday, 6 April 2012

Ich bin müde

I feel like I wanna run away from my current life. I want my past back. There are too much moments that I wanna repeat again. Too much. Start from live in my house everyday with my parents, my 9th grade class: totally-insane NueveSeis, 'till my scores on school. Sounds funny but............yea I miss all of those. At past, I made my parents lil' bit happy bcause of my school's score. But now?????? HHH it's so d*mn hard to get you pass from the minimum score. I know, I have to study so much harder than before. I know that right. But I just................tired. I'm sick of these. I keep thinking "when will this fvckin tired period over?!?!?"
Ya Allah......... me.

the girl who's sick of her life,