Friday, 16 December 2011

a little talks

Thank God I have two great people that always stay beside me. They always take care for me. Yep, they're my parents. Parents. If we talk about parents, we surely can't count what they have done for us. From we were born, until now. They give their all for us. Just to make us happy. Though sometimes it makes us upset, it's just for your goodness. They just wanna make you happy. Trust me. So, don't you dare scold them or even say 'ah!'. One of my teacher told me: "if you wanna be a successful person, be a medicine for your parents, esp your mum". Haaaaa there are a lot of things that I really want to share to you but I have to go off. Thank you for reading and.............happy holiday! :B

Be nice to your parents!