Saturday, 23 July 2011

Meaningful and Powerful Words

I'm so glad that I can back home though it just for 2 days. AH how I miss my home!!!!!! And family of course:))))) Well, I arrived last night and....I'll tell you what happened. Yap. So, I took bus to Blok M. My dad has been waiting for me there. But............................I stucked at Kuningan. I do hate traffic jam!!!!!!!!!!! I spent more than 3 hours there..-_- what a boring moment, ryte? Well, let's skip that part... I got Blok M at almost 8 pm and met my dad:) Then, we went in the car and we had a chit-chat 'bout my experince. Suddenly, my dad said that I wasn't supposed to be sad when I know that I ain't accepted to be MAN Insan Cendikia's student (the result was been informed on May 25th), I don't have to regret what has hapened because it's all planned by Allah and we have to know that Allah knows what is the best for us...
Those words are so meaningful for me.
Those words give me courage to face all problems that will come to me.
Thank you so much, Dad! You have made my heart peaceful. I'll always remember those words, which make me so powerful. I promise to myself that I have to study hard from the beginning. Where's a will, there's a way. :D

wish me luck, guys! :)

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Have you ever met a guy that you have known each other before and she/he just go by and didn't greet you..? How do you feel and what would you do..?