Monday, 4 November 2013

(very) Late Post!!!

WHOAAA it's been more than a month since my last post here. Of course, I have been thru a lot of things. Let's say... midtest, TO BTA, SHINee's comeback (lol! just ignore this please) and others. The one thing that I wanna share to you friends' gift for me as I was turning 17 last Sept.

Now, let me tell you about a group that called "Jombis". It's a group that 9 of my close friends and I made on whatsapp. Nine of us are all single, and we are all on the 12th grade now, where we should study like crazy for all of the 12th graders' thingy. That's why we call it "Jombis", "Jombis" stands for JOMblo amBIS. But, lately, we misspelled Jombis to Jompis, sounds more simple yet relaxed. Here we are, the members: Fira, Hani, Egi, Peem, Mila, Nilam, Farah, Ucup, and me.
It was actually on 22nd Oct, after school, there were Jompis giving me the present. Honestly, I wasn't that surprised because of something had happened several days before that day hehehehehehehe^^ (I love you guys, Jompis :*) But, believe me, as I knew what the gift was, I was sooooooooooooooo happy just like a crybaby got a bottle of milk! Even until now, I'm still happy and grateful too XD
Briefly, this is what Jompis gave me:

Could you imagine how glad am I???????
Aaaaaaah I just wanna say thank all of my friends, especially my dear Jompis, for all of those presents. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS
I feel blessed and also so grateful to have friends like all of you, guys. Hope we will be better and success for all!!! :):):)

BTW, I'M SO HAPPY AS WELL BECAUSE OF SHINEE's COMEBACK WITH THEIR 5TH MINI ALBUM 'EVERYBODY'!!! All of the songs (esp. Symptoms), the Everybody&Symptoms's choreography, the MV,  I just loooooooooove everything! It's a MUST for you to open this link trust me, it's so WOW :)
I guess...............I can't stop fangirling because of this. Just hope that I can manage my time well, so, I can keep focus on my study. I think that's for now. Good night!

the fangirl,

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